Workshops for parents


We believe our job is to collaborate with parents to provide a safe, nurturing and fun environment in which children can learn and play. Part of this is sharing our knowledge with our parents - and encouraging parents to do the same with us.

Our parent workshops are focused on reflecting what our children are learning about at kindy.  We've run workshops on:


Where we shared ideas on how to help children understand and love numbers.

Transition to school

Where we reviewed our transition for school programme, then presented our evidence to parents.

Fine motor skills

Where we talked parents through new research on this topic and how we're teaching this at kindy.

We also hold special evenings where we invite guest speakers from The Parenting Place to talk about various topics relating to children's development.

Parents are also welcome to attend our AGM, held in (May) – this is a fabulous way to support the kindy and your child's learnings.