Our teaching approach


At Learning at the Point Kindergarten, we like children to experience free play and more structured learning. We're focused on teaching children about:



We teach our children to embrace our diverse, multicultural community.  We celebrate different cultural events throughout the year, including Chinese New Year and Diwali. 
We put on a Christmas concert for families, and an annual children's art auction to raise money for the Cancer Society's Daffodil Day.  We also organise visits with the residents of Selwyn Village, where the children prepare baking, perform songs and chat with the elderly.


We believe it's important children trust and respect others, irrespective of age, ability, ethnic origin or gender.
We encourage all children to grow towards their potential at their own pace, to take risks and discover that making mistakes is part of the learning process.

Creativity and imagination

At all of our sessions, children enjoy art, music and dance. It's our job to encourage children to ask questions to trigger their sense of curiosity - why? How?