Curriculum and learning


At Learning at the Point, our curriculum is aligned with the principles and goals of Te Whāriki (the Ministry of Education's early childhood curriculum policy). It's our goal to create an environment where children:

  • Are empowered to learn and grow and able to create strong relationships with people, places and things
  • Develop a life-long love of learning
  • Experience the joy of discovery and curiosity 

Here are a few ways we go about this:

Project work

We observe the children at play and develop project work based on their emerging interests. This gives the children opportunities to ask questions, solve problems, develop social skills through working with others, and become aware of the world around them.


Letterland is a multi-sensory way of teaching children to read and write. It is an imaginary land full of fun and interesting characters (letters of the alphabet) that teach children phonetically about correct sounds and letter formation. This helps children to develop their emergent reading and writing skills.

Transition to school programme

School doesn't need to be a shock for children. At Learning at the Point, we spend time watching children to get a gauge on where they are with their learning.  We then teach the children early literacy and numeracy skills to ensure they feel comfortable and confident during their first term of school.


Each child has a portfolio which provides invaluable feedback to parents/whanau and to the children themselves of what they have done and achieved at kindy.
We encourage parents to read through, discuss and contribute to their child's portfolio. You're welcome to take your child's portfolio home to share it with family members, or to add information and photos.